T-Hangar Specs & Prices

Construction Features: Pre-engineered galvanized steel structures on concrete slab; electric bi-fold doors with integral walk door; electric lighting and 110 volt outlet with separate metering.

1. Standard T-Hangar (53 units)

  • Door Opening: 40’ ‘6″
  • Max. Length: 33′
  • Max. Height: 12′
  • Total Area: 1066 Sq. Ft.
  • Price: $710.00 per month

2. Deluxe Large T-Hangar (45 units)

  • Door Opening: 47’6″
  • Max. Length: 41′
  • Max. Height: 14′
  • Total Area:” 1488 Sq. Ft.
  • Price: $982.00 per month

Tie-Down Specs & Prices

1. Infield Tie-Down 

  • $273.00 per month

2. Outfield Tie-Down (No Longer Available)

  • $200.00 per month


We now have a large T-Hangar available for immediate occupancy.

Contact us at 973-575-0952 before it is gone. We currently have no vacancies for the small T-Hangar Units. To get on our T-Hangar Waiting List, please fill out the form or if you have any questions, you can call Herb Perez at 973-575-0952.

Please include all of your contact numbers & email and be sure to call us occasionally to check and/or update the information on file. Once we call your name on our list, you will have a limited time to get back to us before we continue down the list to the next person. So make sure your info is correct and updated frequently.

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